High Level Cleaning

Restricted Access Cleaning and Maintenance

Hygieia Group deliver a service which is professional and reliable. Health & Safety is paramount, from carrying out site surveys, planning, implementing and completing works. Staff, clients and the public can be assured when entering a workplace that we aim for a safe environment with the least disruption without compromising Health & Safety or work.

High level cleaning


High Level Window Cleaning

All our cleaning operatives are fully trained with over 20 years . Where possible work is carried out from the ground with waterfed poles. Specialist equipment can be employed to reach restricted areas. Traditional techniques are still applied where Health & Safety permits.


Graffiti Removal

Hygieia Group use the latest environmentally friendly chemicals, equipment & techniques to remove graffiti from masonry, stone and a wide range of other surfaces.


Exterior Cleaning

Hygieia Group offer a complete service to ensure that the most cost effective methods are employed without compromising the fabric of the building to deliver the desired results. Hygieia Group use specialist equipment and techniques to restore aluminum & stainless steel cladding, powder coated metals and plastics, and are able to clean most types of brick/stone work.


Hot & Cold Pressure Washing

Hygieia Group use the latest fully enclosed industrial and commercial pressure washers which are not only highly effective but run with minimal noise to ensure a safe environment for staff, clients and the public.


Fascias Cleaning

Hygieia Group use specialist equipment and techniques to restore aluminum, stainless steel cladding, powder coated metals and plastics to offer clients a low cost alternative to replacement.


Gutter Cleaning

Health & Safety is paramount when clearing gutters. Hygieia Group will survey to inspect the interior prior to advising the client on the best cleaning method. We use vacuum removal, pressure rinsing from the ground and access equipment where required, to reach for removal.


Factory Cleaning

Whilst maintaining a high standard of Health & Safety, Hygieia Group delivers a service which obtains the desired results with the least disruption to our clients. We have a variety of equipment & techniques used to work within a range of different work environments.