Sharps Removal

Sharps such as syringes, needles, knives and other blades can often be found in bins, toilets and public areas as well as abandoned houses and squats that are being used by illegal drug users. The main risk associated with this is a cut or puncture wound that might allow highly infectious blood borne pathogens such as Hepatitis B and HIV to be passed to the individual.


Sharps Removal


It is vital that sharps are disposed of by a trained professional. Hygieia Group services include:

  • The elimination of potential high risk infection
  • Disposal in a safe and controlled manner to current legislation
  • Cleaning and decontamination of the area


Broken glass and plastics should also be treated and handled with the same level of care as needles and blades if there is a suspicion of the same contamination with biohazardous materials.


Hygieia Group’s sharps trained removal teams understand the dangers associated with all sharps and the importance of disposing of them safely and quickly. Our operatives carry out needle sweeps to ensure all sharps are fully removed.