Specialist Floor Cleaning

Hygieia Group offer specialist floor cleaning services to all types of commercial and residential floor coverings.


Each Type Of Floor Will Need Different Treatment

Each type of floor or floor covering will need different treatment depending on use and the amount of traffic. The floor cleaning technicians at Hygieia Group are experts at cleaning every type of floor and floor covering and will decide on the optimum method for the type of floor that you have and the use to which it is put.

The machines that we use for commercial floor cleaning incorporate the very latest technology and use only one tenth of the water employed in traditional machines. This means that when we clean carpets in a commercial environment – an office, retail store, or library perhaps – instead of having a very long drying-out time and the area being out of use, the carpets will be completely dry within a matter of minutes.


The Latest Technology

The Hygieia Group employs the very latest technology. The unique system uses an assortment of pads and brushes to clean, scrub, sand, strip, and polish any carpet and hard floor, quickly and efficiently.


 Types Of Floors Cleaned

Hygieia Group can clean and refurbish any type of floor or floor covering using the very latest state-of-the-art technology and machinery. We use machines which come with a variety of heads, brushes, and weights that can be interchanged easily for cleaning different types of floor surfaces.



The Orbot SprayBorg low-moisture system has been engineered to clean any type of carpet, in any situation and also leave it as dry as possible so it is ready to use immediately.  


specialist floor cleaning - carpet


The HOS system was designed to support a healthy indoor environment. Carpets will be clean, vibrant in colour, and dry within minutes. The system will eliminate the most common problems caused by other cleaning methods that lead to mould growth, mildew, volatile organic compounds (VOC), insufficient drying times, recurring stains, and safety hazards.

HOS’ unique low-moisture system uses 10 times less the amount of water compared to other water extraction methods, so over-wet carpets will never be an issue. The problems associated with over-wet carpets are intensified in a heavily used setting. Over-wet carpets require longer drying times. This can cause large sections of a building to be blocked off for extended periods of time. Especially in a school, care home, or clinical environment – this can lead to serious safety issues. People walking from a wet or damp carpet directly onto a hard-surface floor can slip or fall. Also, wet carpets that are walked on will almost always resoil more quickly as the chemicals and moisture  pull dirt and debris into the carpet fibers. Of much greater concern is that the long drying time increases the likelihood that mould and mildew will develop, seriously jeopardising indoor air quality and potentially harming the occupants health. With longer drying times, and if traditional carpet cleaning chemicals are used, there is a greater possibility that gases and volatile organic compounds will be released into the air. This can cause allergic reactions and respiratory problems, especially for young children and older people.

Properly maintaining the cleanliness of the floors by using the HOS low-moisture system will lead to improved air quality and a healthier indoor environment that can be seen and smelt. 


Wood Floors

The Orbot is perfect for use on wood floors. Whether it’s cleaning, scrubbing, sanding or waxing wood floors and decking, the Orbot’s orbital action handles the job with ease.  Its drive head is free floating so no need to worry about gouges and swirl marks. The Orbot will leave your wood floors looking as good as new, if not better.


specialist floor cleaning - wooden


Epoxy Floors


The Orbot is engineered to allow us to clean and scrub epoxy floors quickly and efficiently, without using harsh chemicals and excess water. The SuperZorb pads are soft enough that they can clean away grease and grime without scratching the epoxy flooring. The addition of the weight kit helps the bristles to get pushed down into pores and crevices, lifting away dirt and grime.


Vinyl Floors

The Orbot’s unique orbital action makes it possible to strip wax with very little water! This helps to conserve water and avoids the use of harsh chemicals that damage the environment and the health of yourself and others. Because the Orbot’s driver head is free floating, live stress free without ever worrying about swirl marks and gouges that other traditional machines leave behind. And because the Orbot is unique in design, forever forget about the use of a skirt as the Orbot does will not spit and fling wax and grime onto baseboards, walls, and furniture.


specialist floor cleaning - vinyl



When it comes to scrubbing and cleaning concrete surfaces, the Orbot performs miraculously. Eliminate having to use harsh chemicals and excess water to remove the heavy soil that has settled deep down in the concrete pores and crevices.  



The newly redesigned StoneFlash pads are part of a 6 step system for grinding, honing, and polishing Marble, terrazzo, travertine, limestone, and more! The low-moisture, orbital cleaning system, Orbot can take on any floor and StoneFlash pads make stone floor restoration even easier.


specialist floor cleaning - marble-and-stone


Revive those worn-out looking floors with the StoneFlash Complete Restoration Kit. This package comes with Steps 1 through 6. Step 5 will produce a high gloss shine and is used as the daily maintenance pad. Step 6 is used for extreme gloss finishes when required.


 Tile And Grout

Tile and grout contain minute pores and crevices into which dirt and grime find their way over time. The unique orbital action of Orbot machines produces thousands of miniature orbits rather in the fashion of a giant toothbrush. The brush itself is soft enough to ensure that the surface is not scratched, and combined with a system of weights will get deep into the crevices and pores to whip away grease and grime quickly and efficiently.


specialist floor cleaning -tile and grout


Other Surfaces

Urethane, rubber matting, and other soft to medium-hard floor surfaces found in outdoor hotel hallways, garages, gymnasiums, and so forth are easily tackled by the Orbot’s unique engineered brushes which generate thousands of miniature orbits. The fast orbital action used with the weight kit, scrub brush, SuperZorb Pads and/or AgiClean Pads break down dirt and grime instantly with minimal water, therefore the floors are left clean and dry within minutes!


Specialist floor cleaning - rubber