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  • business benefits.

    Great quality cleaning products work faster, saving time and money.

    They also perform at an optimum level, leaving your customers, staff and visitors impressed with your cleaning standards.

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  • cleaning supplies.

    The latest innovations in professional cleaning supplies.

    Global brands like i-team invest a lot of time and money in delivering the most effective cleaning solutions on the market today – i-team’s i-mop, for example, is 90% cleaner than traditional floor mopping. While Tesano’s chemical free cleaning products are entirely natural and yet more powerful than bleach.

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  • 1st-Class Service.

    We pride ourselves on our expert knowledge.

    Contact us today and see how Hygieia professional cleaning supplies can help make your cleaning business faster, more productive with specialist advice and friendly and responsive customer service.

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cleaning products.

Buy, lease or hire from professional cleaning wholesalers.

We believe in offering our customers excellent service and complete flexibility so all of the cleaning equipment on our website can be bought, leased or hired.

Leasing industrial cleaning equipment is a great option to help with cashflow – for further information please visit our finance page.

Hiring commercial cleaning products is perfect if you just need some specialist cleaning equipment for a one-off job or if you really want the opportunity to test one of our cleaning tools out properly. Hire periods start from a weekend’s rental.




Carpet Cleaners


Microfibre Products

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commercial cleaning.

Market-leading commercial cleaning equipment.

We don’t believe in cutting corners with cheap cleaning products – inferior cleaning equipment either breaks or performs inadequately and end up costing more by replacing it or by losing business. We have individually selected all of the professional cleaning supplies on our website – we’ve used them in our own cleaning business and are personally recommend by us.


Clean Smarter: How do cleaning supplies affect the environment?

Clean Smarter: How do cleaning supplies affect the environment?

With people caring about the environment more than ever using paper straws, reusable bags and cups people are more environmentally conscious and this includes their cleaning supplies.

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Dirty Floors: How they could be harming your business

Dirty Floors: How they could be harming your business

When cleaning, floors are often overlooked and are never given as much attention as other parts of the room, but they should be a priority. All flooring types are affected by dirt, dust or other debris and you might not realise just how much dirty floors could be harming your business. 

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Stay Clean and Stay Healthy: The Dangers of an Unclean Workplace

Stay Clean and Stay Healthy: The Dangers of an Unclean Workplace

Did you know 80% of work based sickness is transferred by touch and approximately 140 million workdays are lost to sickness each year in the UK. This costs UK businesses a whopping £32 billion a year and leads to losses in productivity. Has this impacted your business? 

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