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Hygieia was set up by Andrew Bodle after 30 years of working in the cleaning industry. Andrew and his team have worked with many different cleaning products over the years and his vision was to create a company that only sold the best cleaning equipment.

All the professional cleaning supplies on this website have been personally selected by Andrew as being market-leading cleaning products that deliver tangible benefits. They are made well, reliable and innovative and are some of the most efficient and environmentally-friendly cleaning products on the market today.

Good quality cleaning equipment saves time and money as downtime is minimised, breakdowns are reduced, and efficiency is increased. And, of course, cleaning performance will be at its optimum.
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We’ve only put a selection of the market-leading cleaning equipment and products that we sell on our website.

We offer a whole range of other wholesale cleaning supplies for floors, windows, graffiti, cars, washrooms and drives. In addition, we offer specialist cleaning products for the leisure, catering, healthcare and industrial markets.
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