How We Work

At Hygieia Group, we use our experience in contract cleaning, having used equipment, chemicals and washroom consumables etc to think beyond cleaning. We deliver complete solutions throughout the whole spectrum of cleaning and by working with industry leaders in the development of innovative technology, we are able to provide our customers with a holistic approach and solve the cleaning issues they have on a day to day basis.

We understand cleaning and how to achieve really clean results. Using a concept called 4D cleaning, we are able to approach cleaning in a holistic way, taking floors, walls, ceilings, surfaces and air into account. Our range of unique innovative cleaning equipment and solutions have been developed with 4D cleaning in mind with solutions to clean these areas quicker, more efficiently, safer while saving time and money, improving health and safety and reducing your carbon footprint.

Welcome to the cleaning revolution.

Why Buy from Hygieia Group

Hygieia Group is unique in helping industry solve their cleaning problems using smart innovative solutions to deliver intelligent convenient and quality cleaning utilities to industry. Hygieia can save you money, save you time, improve your health and safety and significantly reduce your impact on the environment.

Hygieia Group has a contract cleaning background – we have used chemicals and cleaning equipment and are therefore able to resolve your cleaning problems using our experience and expertise to offer advice.

Hygieia Group will challenge you to think about the way you clean.