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Maxi Biogiene-Air Pure Sun 6 Pack

Maxi Biogiene-Air Pure Sun 6 Pack

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Maxi Biogiene-Air Pure Sun.
243ml canisters.6 Pack

Automatic Hygiene For Floors.
Stops urine smells at source within two to three days.
Biogiene-Air is a proactive environmentally-friendly hygiene system that naturally degrades organic matters hat create bad odours. It is an innovative alternative to harsh cleaning chemicals that may be damaging to human health or the environment.
Biogiene-Air quickly and easily penetrates porous and cracked surfaces on floors, breaking down hidden organic deposits and eliminating odours left by urine.


: 24/7 Hygiene.
: No bad odours- fresh fragrance.
: Sustainable for the future.
: Cost reduction: labour and chemicals.

Deliver natural occurring Microbial blend to surface.

: Naturally occurring microbial blend which breaks down invisible organic matter.
: Eliminates odours at source.
: Automatic proactive hygiene- works continuously 24/7.
: Sustainable "Green Space" solution.


: Biogiene-Air automatically sprays microscopic mist in to the washroom.
: Invisible probiotic microbes fall to the floor.
: Whilst spores are activated when they come into contact with nutrients such as skin particles and urine.
: People entering the room pick up the probiotics on their shoes and spread them around the room reaching the toilet, wash basin, hand dryer and door.
: A normal cleaning regime spreads the probiotics around the whole floor.


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