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Greenspeed microfibre cloths

Greenspeed offers a total concept of innovative and effective cleaning solutions, which are user-friendly. Like Hygieia Group, it is more than just about our products. Everything Greenspeed does is focused on quality, innovation and delivering benefit to the environment.

Greenspeed offers a total solution of innovative microfibre products and high-quality cleaning technology.

The wide range offers customised products for all surfaces and a variety of applications: interiors, sanitary facilities, kitchens, laundry, floors and walls. Nothing is left to chance, working to deliver the best possible concepts and cleaning solutions. All this is based on our core business values: efficiency, sustainability, innovation and user-friendliness.

Green speed Microfibre Products

The Microfibre range consists of an extensive assortment of cloths, sponges and mitt – colour coded for all surfaces and applications. Greenspeed Microfibre is special because the fibres are split in a unique process resulting in a much higher absorption capacity