From our experience of working with i-team, we believe no other eco-friendly cleaning products are anywhere near as effective.

They use the latest technology, they’re constantly getting customer feedback and using it to improve their cleaning products – making them faster, more efficient and more productive.

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Revolutionary walk behind floor scrubber drier
Observing the way buildings are cleaned, uncovering frustrations, seeing where time is wasted and looking at the complexity of machines, led i-team to develop the i-mop, a renowned example of innovation. This relatively compact machine solves problems of floor cleaning systems by combining the flexibility of a floor mop with the power and speed of industrial scrubber driers.


Upgraded vacuuming
The iconic i-vac series have been a part of cleaning history since the late 90’s. The series introduced new elements to the world of vacuum cleaning, and instead of only upgrading on technical specifics… it improved the entire process of vacuuming.


Removes all gum and sticky residue in just 6 seconds
A comfortable self-contained backpack is worn by the operative allowing for complete freedom of movement and easy usability. This cleaning tool’s unit is attached to an ergonomic lance designed specifically to ensure fast, reliable and easy operation with maximum chewing gum removal.

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