i-mop XXL.

Revolutionary walk behind floor scrubber drier

The i-mop XXL represents an opportunity for you to dramatically improve your cleaning and maintenance operations while saving you time and money.

As a heavy-duty auto scrubber, the i-mop will clean floors faster, easier and with better results than you can achieve with traditional wet floor mopping. With a 62cm scrub deck the i-mop XXL can be used for small to large spaces.

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Greater productivity
The i-mop is lightweight, easy to manoeuvre and will cover much more floor area than traditional wet floor mopping in the same amount of time. The i-mop XXL allows the user to clean up to 2300 m2 in just an hour, flipping the script on how a larger auto scrubber should look, feel & handle.
90% cleaner
Positive weight on the brushes allows them to scrub harder and their faster rotation speed makes them more effective for a deeper clean. The scrubber’s enhanced fluid management removes the dirty cleaning solution from the floor rather than leaving it to dry and re-contaminate the surfaces.

Your floors will be noticeably cleaner and demonstrably more hygienic. As measured by objectively quantifiable ATP testing, i-mop creates surfaces that are 90% cleaner compared to those maintained with the traditional floor mop and bucket.
Reduces slip and fall hazards
The i-mop’s advanced fluid management system removes the spent cleaning solution and allows the floor to dry very quickly, reducing potential hazards from slips and falls. There is no need to put out warning cones, because i-mop’s drier floors reduces foot traffic disruption. Foot traffic can resume almost immediately after using the i-mop XXL.
Cleans large areas efficiently
In order to clean challenging large areas with the same flexibility and speed as the i-mop XL, we have enlarged the scrub-deck to a cleaning path of 62 cm and added more water capacity.
No more down time
The i-mop is capable of running 24 hours a day / 7 days a week with extra rechargeable battery packs that can be switched out. Unlike a typical auto scrubber, the i-power battery pops in and out easily and can be done on the fly. A battery pack runs for about one hour and recharges in about one hour. This means that when one battery is in use, the other one is charging.
Saves time and money
You can save approximately 20% of your time compared to a conventional walk-behind auto scrubber with a floor size of 50 to 75cm by operating the i-mop XXL. The i-mop XXL combines all of the elements of the i-mop XL, and allows you to work in bigger unobstructed areas.
Lightweight and easy storage
The i-mop XXL is great for route cleaning because it can easily be transported to multiple locations. No problem taking it up steps, on escalators or from building to building in a standard vehicle.
Accesses hard-to-reach places
The i-mop XXL has a low-profile deck of only 7 cm. Its extreme manoeuvrability allows you to clean next to, around and under objects like furniture and counters, and gets into those hard-to-reach tight spaces, eliminating the need for further detail cleaning.
Environmentally friendly
The i-mop XXL uses cleaning solution much more efficiently than wet floor mopping or conventional auto scrubbers. The i-mop also uses a fraction of the water required by traditional methods. Because it makes every drop of water and every ounce of chemical count, i-mop reduces environmental impact by over 75%.


Prod. Application In/hard surfaces
Theoretical perform. Up to 2300 m2/hr
Practical perform. 1200-1800 m2/hr
Brush speed 350 RPM
Brush pressure 32 kg

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