i-vac C5.

Modern vacuuming at its best

The i-vac C5 is a powerhouse machine that gets the job done.

A well trusted name in the community, this industrial vacuum cleaner has surprised every user with its proven mobility, design and power. The i-vac C5 is used for office, carpet, household, cabinet, wardrobes, and more. Battery powered machines are also available.
I-vac C5

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Carry-on everywhere you go
A sturdy and ergonomic main handle provides a freedom of mobility you haven’t experienced before. The i-vac C5 goes wherever you go!
High-powered engine
The high-powered motor of the i-vac C5 reaches about 80% of the suction power that cable operated vacuums use, without the strain of being tied down to one place.
Telescopic wand & flexible hose
Double extrusion for extra stability at both ends as they are the most stressed areas.
Bag with lock
6 litre bag with a lock to avoid dust leakage when taking out the bag. You can choose between a paper bag, or a microfiber HEPA bag.
Integrated tool holders
All of the accessories and necessary equipment supplied with this cleaning tool can be stored on the machine.
Handy canister
Egg shaped canister for optimal working in smaller areas and close to body carrying. Lighted on/off switch for easy check over the phone in case of problems. And easy cable storage.


Carry weight 7kg
Size body (l x w x h) 45 x 45 x 41cm
Hose length 250cm
Capacity 350 RPM
Diameter of tools 32mm

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