microfibre mops & cloths.

A higher absorption capacity

We’ve partnered up with Greenspeed as they offer smart cleaning solutions which have a positive impact on people and the environment.

Their products are thoroughly tested and are efficient, innovative and ecological. Greenspeed’s microfibre is special because the fibres are split in a unique process, resulting in a much higher absorption capacity.
microfibre products

Microfibre cloths

The Greenspeed microfibre cloth has a unique cleaning and absorption capacity and retains its quality and shape even when washed frequently.

The full Greenspeed microfibre range consists of an extensive assortment of cloths, sponges and mitts, colour coded for all surfaces and applications.

Microfibre mop

Greenspeed’s Click’M C is an innovative magnetic flat microfibre mop system that’s incredibly user-friendly and hygienic.

In just one click the magnetic fastening immediately locks the microfibre mop into place so it’s ready to start cleaning. Removing the microfibre mop head can be done completely hands-free.

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