Removes more dirt faster

MotorScrubber Blade removes more dirt for a faster and better daily clean.

The 2 in 1 ultra microfibre system delivers a superior clean, whilst maintaining deep cleaned floors and surfaces. The MotorScrubber Blade gives up to 80x more pressure compared to other flat mops, making it an incredible addition to your cleaning solutions.

Blade's patented design uses a stiff rubber blade to exert extremely high pressure onto the ultra microfibre. This high pressure results in more dirt removed with each clean.


See for yourself how impressive the blade is:
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Reversible ultra microfibre gives up to 4x more coverage

Simply reposition the squeegee on the ultra-microfibre to reveal a clean section. Once dirty, flip the fibre for continued clean use. Use the Ultra-microfibre to dry and maintain floors and surfaces.

Blade leaves floors instantly dry

After deep cleaning the floor with MotorScrubber Jet, use Blade to squeegee the dirty liquid into the floor drain. When a floor drain isn't present, use the Absorbent ultra-microfibre to dry the floor.

Blade lets you easily change the ultra-microfibre depending where and what surface you are cleaning. Slide the fibre up into the channel to attach, slide down to easily remove.

Blade eliminates the need for buckets with its refillable handle.  Simply fill the handle with solution, press and go.

"leaves floors instantly dry".

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