Motorscrubber force solves the issue

Large commercial buildings have small spaces to clean, such as toilet cubicles, stairs and under tables and so companies often have to buy a separate smaller machine or use less effective methods, such as floor mopping, which results in a poor clean.

MotorScrubber Force solves this issue – this super heavy-duty accessory tool fits onto any medium or large scrubber dryer, enabling you to machine clean and dry anywhere - even down the side of the toilet, which no other scrubber dryer on the market can do.

Force is extremely well priced, costing less than buying a smaller scrubber dryer to clean those small areas and can be fitted in less than 30 minutes by a trained technician.

See for yourself how impressive the force is:
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It connects to your large scrubber dryer using one hose. Within the hose the batteries, clean water and suction are connected. This makes Force so easy to use – there are no additional batteries to charge, or tanks to fill and empty - all of this is done on your large machine as routine.

You can clip off the tool in seconds so you can clean the small spaces as you pass them with your scrubber dryer. No more downtime going back to the cleaning cupboard to grab a mop or smaller machine.

"Heavy duty accessory fits any dryer".

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