High level portable mechanical scrubber

The only high level portable mechanical scrubbing and rinsing machine on the market.

This unique cleaning tool negates the need for tiring and difficult manual scrubbing. Apply chemical at a high level, let MotorScrubber do the scrubbing while gravity pulls down the machine and chemical. Gently move the MotorScrubber from side to side and easily rinse with 50 litres (13 gallons) of on demand fresh water.

See for yourself how impressive the Prowash is:
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Built to last

The cleaning results from 360rpm are outstanding, making light work of heavily soiled surfaces. ProWash is excellent for cleaning vinyl siding, cladding, guttering, commercial signage, trucks, trains, planes, boats and any large vehicle.

The solid 304 grade stainless steel skeleton chassis is hand built. The hard-wearing brushed finish won’t rust and can withstand the toughest industrial environments.

"makes light work of heavily soiled surfaces".

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