Disinfect. Kill viruses on the go.

The Motorscrubber Storm which is powered by MotorScrubber Backpack Technology gives you the freedom to quickly disinfect all common touchpoints, reducing the risk of cross-infection.

Use the Motorscrubber Storm with any disinfectant and spray evenly for solid coverage. The quick-change nozzle makes it easy to clean and maintain STORM, after every use.

Swirl nozzle technology.

We have carefully selected our MSS25 Ballistic, high speed, swirl nozzle, that produces an average of 68 micron at 30cm / 12inch spray distance. It is this nozzle that is the key to STORM's performance, giving you a controlled, targeted, liquid layer application on touch points.

What is a liquid layer?

Spray from bottom to top, in a slow controlled motion. Inspect the surface to ensure there are no gaps. If you see gaps, either spray again or wipe with a non-absorbent wipe to ensure full coverage. Then move onto next touch point.

Ensure reverse side of the object, (that a persons hand could come into contact with) is covered with disinfectant. Then move onto the next touch point.
Motorscrubber Storm cleaning lift buttons
Person using Motorscrubber Storm with Backpack Kit
Motorscrubber Storm spray nozzle cleaning stair rail
Motorscrubber Storm cleaning backpack, cleaning office staircase

See for yourself how impressive the motorscrubber storm is:
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Battery Backpack System
Boasting a 1 hour and 50 minute continuous runtime, the backpack system ensures the user is fully mobile and has no trailing cables to contend with.

The quick change battery feature means the user can easily swap out a battery, if longer runtime is needed.
Backpack advantages
  • Belt holster to store STORM wand.
  • Quick refill, 1 litre disinfectant bottle.
  • Lightweight - 4.5kg
Multifunctional Backpack
Military grade connectors mean you can effortlessly switch between STORM and JET3.
2 Step Quick Connect
Simply click together the electrical connector and water pipe connector found on both the backpack and STORM/JET3 to begin cleaning.
Which machine should you choose?
  • To disinfect surfaces, use STORM
  • To deep clean floors, use JET3


MICRON Ballistic, high speed, swirl nozzle, 68 micron at 30cm/12inch
SPRAY DISTANCE Optimum coverage at 30cm (12"), 120cm (47") max
SOLUTION CAPACITY 1 Litre (34oz), quick reload
COVERAGE 75 M2,/Litre or 807ft2/Gallon
FLOW 77ml/minute or 2.7oz/minute
BACKPACK WEIGHT (empty) 4.5kg or 9.9lbs
BACKPACK WEIGHT (full) 5.3kg or 11.6lbs
WEIGHT ON WRIST IN USE 0.3kg or 0.6lbs
BATTERY RUNTIME 1hr 50 min (continuous) 3hr usage theoretical
motorscrubber storm lance
Motorscrubber Storm cleaning backpack

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