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Haaga sweeper 697

Belt free, maintenance free and easy to use.
Designed for speed sweeping indoors or outdoors on concrete, asphalt, all natural stone, hard surfaces, tile and linoleum flooring.
The Haaga Sweeper 697 will sweep everything from fine dust to large heavy debris on wet or dry surfaces.
Battery and manual operated – ideal for detailed cleaning of large surface areas like warehouses and factory flooring.


Easily sweeps fine dust, course dirt, sand, leaves, sticks, bottles, broken glass, wrappers, food, or any debris that can fit through a 10” x 4” opening.
It is great for cleaning indoors on ceramic tiles, laminate flooring as well as commercial carpeted areas.
It is currently being used by hotel groups, healthcare facilities, local authority maintenance departments, FM companies, cinemas, schools, leisure centres, service stations, public footpaths, car parks and roads.
Clean and fast it reduces cleaning time by 80% when compared to pushing a broom.


The Haaga 697 sweeps twice with one movement. The front two brushes rotate in opposite directions grabbing the big debris directly in front of the sweeper while the brush roller on the bottom picks up the particles.

Battery operated with a runtime of up to 2 hours. It can also be used as a manual push sweeper without the battery to finish any cleaning task if running low on power.
Holds up to 13.2 gallon of debris in the container.
Side rollers for cleaning along walls, walkways and curb areas.
Designed to stand upright for easy storage.
Adjustable settings for cleaning any hard surface.
Quiet enough to be used in and around customers.
Cleans wet and dry surfaces.
Eliminates the need for blowers for green cleaning.

Haaga sweeper technical drawing


Triple brush turbo sweeper.
Self-lubricating gears with gear covers.
Belt free system.
Ergonomic handle.
Adjustable with 8 settings.
2 year warranty overall.
4 year warranty on all brushes against wear

Technical Specifications
Cleaning width 38 inches
Performance 44,000 sq ft per hour
Weight 45lbs
Brush drive Electronic and manual
Waste container 13.2 gallons debris